Be a Rebel with a Double Degree

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Rebel Wilson experienced knock-backs early in her career. That’s not unusual for most actors but Rebel had the confidence and determination to back herself, regardless. She recognised her abilities and worked hard – writing, directing, starring in and promoting her own productions, all the way to international stardom.   

On top of being a Hollywood actress, Rebel holds a UNSW double degree in Law and Arts. She is a great example of what happens when you make the most of your talents, abilities and personal passions.  

Arts students are known for an open and perceptive worldview, understanding the depths of humanity and expressing their insights. Law students possess a strong sense of justice and a sharp, analytical mind that allows them to recall masses of detailed information. Simply adding these skillsets is valuable, but double degrees do more than this.  

A double degree allows you to gain a broader perspective and distinctive skillset. Through merging ideas and exploring issues from multiple perspectives, you will build a richer understanding, greater than the sum of its parts. When we add this to Rebel’s comic talent and determination, it’s no surprise she became the household name she is today.   

Rebel Wilson holding a UNSW Jacket

Unlock the Talents Within You 

What talents are within you and waiting to be discovered? What do you believe, deep down, that you can offer? What do you see in this world that needs to change?  A double degree can reveal your true potential, help you define your unique self and guide your individual direction in life.   

 You may be very clear about what you want to learn and what you want to achieve. For those passionate about an issue, double degrees offer an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding. For example, a double degree in Law and Science will allow you to study today’s environmental challenges from two distinct perspectives. You will gain a nuanced understanding of the challenges, the interdependencies, the compromises and ultimate the opportunities to make a difference. 

Alternatively, you could complete two degrees in complementary disciplines. You can merge Marketing and Data Science for deeper insights into the human motivation behind consumer purchases. This is a valuable addition to any business in today’s ever-evolving economy.   

  The world is changing and it’s important for you to carve out your own niche. A double degree supports your future and offers you a vast reservoir of knowledge. It opens up a community of industry contacts and diverse skillsets to draw upon so you can fly in the face of standard expectations.  

No matter which way the world turns, your double degree will serve you with an agility that meets the expectations of tomorrow’s world, allowing you to thrive. Just like Rebel.