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Combine the Benefits of Face-to-Face Teaching & Innovative Online Study

Blended learning gives you the flexibility to learn at a time and in a way that suits you best, helping you develop independent study skills. It’s a student-centred approach, which means that your online study and classroom activities enhance each other in tandem. It allows courses to be designed and delivered in new and interesting ways to ensure you’re engaged as you acquire key knowledge and capabilities.

UNSW recognises that students have diverse learning styles, abilities and interests, and blended learning increases your ability to access deeper and more rewarding activities and experiences. We’re not the only ones who see the benefit, with independent research indicating that blended learning gives you a more comprehensive understanding of degree content. In a blended course, an instruction may occur in the classroom, online, or in both settings. This approach expands the range of learning materials, activities and assessments available that can help to inspire your creativity.

Many students welcome the opportunity to access the online elements of their blended learning course whenever and wherever they wish, allowing them to review the information and fully absorb new teachings at their own pace. The online learning tools – which may include video tutorials, interactive quizzes, peer reviews and course assessments – are then often reinforced during face-to-face teaching, especially through group discussions and classroom projects.

For example, you may be encouraged to use class time to apply the theory and concepts explained via online learning, and utilise techniques including group problem-solving and team-building games, simulations and case study reviews. Overall, UNSW’s blended learning approach is highly flexible, interactive and responsive and is designed to provide you with an engaging study journey that leads to future success.