How to design the future you want

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Did you know that you choose your own courses at university?

Academics at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture (ADA) put a lot of thought into what subjects belong in your degree. We believe society’s future depends on ethical and creative people. People who can solve important problems with critical thinking and collaboration. People like you. To give you the greatest possible start, we design our degrees like no other university.  

You’ll find an unmatched range of degree choices that cross-pollinate new thinking and creativity. There are flexible ways to tailor your degree, so you can do what you love, and ultimately shape your learning in the way that’s right for you.  

So, how do you design the future you want? 

1. Escape your comfort zone

It’s not always easy to question the beliefs you’ve been raised with, whether they’re about yourself or about the world. When you step outside this comfort zone at ADA, you realise the goal is not to win an argument but understand the true depth of important issues. 

The ability to change the world starts with the courage to challenge yourself. The opportunity to expand your mind and think about the world in completely new and different ways begins with an ADA degree. Here, you’ll find people who love learning, care about making a difference and want to solve problems.  

Shirelle Altona


"The student community collectively inspire and encourage my individual career goals.”   
Shirelle Altona, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

2. Connect with the unexpected

A male student chats with a female student as he uses a weaver in the textile studio at UNSW Paddington campus.

Inspiration from other places makes your own ideas better, whether it’s bumping into new people and their perspectives or trying new technologies and ways of doing things. There are countless opportunities for new insights when you join a faculty that spans media, culture, languages, design, architecture, humanities, education, music, social sciences, fine arts, and more.

Diverse people of all ages share interests and backgrounds with each other to fuel their passion and practice. It’s easy to meet a broad variety of people outside the classroom - or in it, as you can combine different courses in ways that are just not possible elsewhere. Imagine taking inspiration from sound engineering, politics, jewellery design and construction management in the one degree.  

Sonya Holowell


"UNSW inspired me and exposed me to new worlds of sound, art, language, people and thinking.”
Sonya Holowell, Composer 

3. Become a powerhouse of creativity

Ingenuity and inventiveness are essential for solving problems. From the products we rely on every day to the moments that define who we are, great innovations start with a leap of imagination. Diverse knowledge will change the world with solutions related to diverse problems including the climate crisis, mental health issues, and systemic inequalities. 

Although our academics are experts in their fields, they weren’t in high school during a pandemic. But you were - and that’s just one of many experiences that make you unique. When shared with our community, your insights can contribute to solving complex problems. With ADA, you’re empowered to unlock the true value of your creativity, and purposefully channel your energy where it’s needed most. 

See some of our graduates who are living with purpose.  

4. Explore the question: Where can this take me?

UNSW ADA Students using VR and computational design to explore and test a construction project concept.

University is about pursuing what interests you, uncovering what inspires you, and finding a path you’re passionate to follow - because graduating is only the beginning. You’ll discover jobs you’ve never heard of. You might develop a unique career niche or anticipate roles the world will need decades from now. Whatever path is in your future, your time here will set you up for life. 

We know the crucial future-proof skills are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration - the capacity to solve problems. That's exactly what you will get with a degree from ADA, regardless of your specialisation. From broad and flexible course options, to state-of-the-art creative production facilities, to internships and industry connections - our degrees provide the freedom and support you need to design the future you want.  

UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture

Through creativity, collaboration and inclusion we seek and solve problems to improve life on earth. We listen, challenge, create and share diverse knowledge about people, place and cultures to enable lives with purpose.

Discover where your creativity can take you at UNSW Arts, Design & Architecture.