How do the delayed UAC timings affect UNSW’s 2022 intake?

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We know the changes to the HSC, ATAR and university offer timings have caused concern for many. We don’t need to tell you that this is not a normal year, and school leavers are experiencing unprecedented disruptions. Our focus remains on providing as much support as possible and ensuring a fair and equitable admissions process for all high school leavers for 2022 entry.

UNSW will continue to work closely with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC), to ensure recognition of the impact of various COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions, across Australia, are appropriately accounted for within our admissions processes and that students are not unfairly affected as a result of this year’s circumstances.

In addition, UNSW Admissions considers many factors beyond ATAR alone and offers a range of adjustment factors and pathway schemes, including the Gateway Admissions Pathway for students from nearly 400 NSW schools.

We encourage all students to complete their HSC studies, to the best of their abilities, and with the knowledge that tens of thousands of places for new students will be available, across the university sector in 2022.

Over the coming months, we aim to ensure applicants have all the information they need to choose their degree and complete the UAC application process. We’ll continue to update this page as information comes available.

Updated: When will I get my offer to study with UNSW in 2022?

Most of UNSW’s offers for 2022 will be in January Round 2 on 26 January 2022.

We will also make a small number of offers in February. The first teaching week for 2022 begins 14 February, so the earlier we can get you enrolled and ready to commence the better.

Due to Covid-19 and UAC’s updated timeline, you won’t have the same opportunity to seek multiple university offers as students have had in past years. So, it is very important to preference what you truly want to do.

We know the decision on what to study can feel overwhelming for many people. UNSW students can vary their study paths, so remember there will always be opportunities to change track in future. It’s our goal to support your unique potential and help you find your own path. 

As a guide, check the lowest selection rank (LSR) for 2021 applications. Whilst you won’t know your HSC results when you confirm your preferences, we will still be applying adjustment factors automatically via our HSC Plus adjustment factors scheme.

You can use the HSC Plus guide to calculate the adjustment factors you may be eligible for - and be optimistic! We will apply these automatically, so if you are within a handful of ATAR points of last year’s LSR you should ensure the course is your highest eligible preference.

The 2021 LSR information is available on the degree’s web page. Visit our degree search page and find the degree you’re interested in. The 2021 lowest selection rank information is on the degree page in the entry requirements. 


We work closely with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) to ensure we understand how the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions across Australia impact your studies and account for that impact within our admissions processes.  

Depending on your circumstances you may be eligible for:  

  • UNSW Adjustment factors. Many students will benefit from HSC+ points which are automatically applied but you should explore all factors you may be eligible for.  
  • UAC’s Educational Access Scheme (EAS) helps you receive an offer if you have experienced an educational disadvantage. UAC has included COVID impact factors in this assessment.  
  • UNSW Portfolio Entry recognises more than your ATAR if you’re considering a course in architecture, art & design, engineering or business information systems. 
  • The UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway is an early conditional offer for Year 12 students who attend Gateway schools or are eligible for the UAC’s Education Access scheme based on SEIFA criteria. 

For 2022 admission, the maximum number of points you can receive is 12 from all UNSW admission schemes i.e. HSC Plus, the ACCESS Scheme, Elite Athlete, Performers and Leaders and AAA scholars.  

We make most offers based on the ATAR during the main UAC offer round. At this stage, we don’t anticipate any changes to this policy. However, early conditional offers are made as part of the UNSW Gateway Admission Pathway, and still require you to complete the HSC. See if your school is a Gateway partner school

Yes, you will still need to sit the Law Admissions Test (LAT). To ensure your safety and wellbeing, we have decided to cancel face-to-face test centre sittings and move the 2021 LAT fully online via remote proctoring. Please note that there is no additional cost to sit this year’s test online via remote proctoring.

We are currently re-assessing the impact of delayed HSC exams and ATAR release on key dates, including interviews, of the Medicine program application process. Please apply via the Medicine Application Portal and we will stay in contact regarding changes as they become available. We’ll also update our important dates.   

At this stage we don’t anticipate any changes to the deadline for scholarship applications (generally 30 September 2021). Please plan to submit your application by the currently published deadline.  

At this stage we don’t anticipate any changes to closing dates for portfolio applications. We’ll advise of any (later) date changes, however, please plan to submit your application by the currently published deadline.  

As dates evolve and change, we’ll update our web and social media channels. If you plan to study with us in 2022, list UNSW as a preference in your UAC application by 30 September. We’ll then be able to email you directly with important updates.  

Yes! At this stage, we plan to hold our Info Day on Friday 21 January, the same day your UAC preferences need to be confirmed. We traditionally hold Info Day after you receive your ATAR, for all your final questions. At Info Day you will have the opportunity to connect with UNSW staff and students to help you make the right choice for you. 

We are here to support you every step of the way. You’ll be able to connect with our enquiry experts and current students once your HSC exams have concluded all the way through December and January.

Contact our UNSW Future Students enquiry team, who are happy to chat with you and respond to specific enquiries. Chat with us online, send us an email enquiry, or call us on +61 2 9385 1844. 

We’ll update this page as more information becomes available.  
Information correct at Monday 20 September.