Not Sure What You Want to Study? UNSW Students Offer Some Advice

| 12 Nov 2020

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Still undecided what to study at uni? Not sure what career you’ll pursue? 

You’re being faced with a lot of questions on a daily basis and sometimes you may not have all the answers. Firstly, take a breath. Many of our brightest students studying at UNSW have been in a very similar place to you. The future didn’t seem so clear at the time. Now on the path to figuring out where life and study will take them, we asked them what they wish they knew “back then”. 


Choose Passion to Find Your Passion 

Jenni Tyler thought she had her whole career mapped out when she started her Bachelor of Science and Fine Arts at UNSW. As soon as she began her degree, she saw there were so many options for career and study than she first thought. 

Now in her final year of her double degree at UNSW she’s learned a lot. Her advice for students who are still undecided on what to study is, “Chase down what makes you feel something. Dig around your talent, figure out what you’re good at, then build from there. Inspiration will strike, but it has to find you working.” Jenni is adamant passion is the key to unlocking your next steps, “Follow your passion, your interest, what you care about and love to do more than just what you’re good at.” 

To find out more about Jenni's study journey and her advice for high school students check out her podcast chat with UNSW and Student Edge.

Jenni Tyler Painting

Internal Program Transfer 

Sometimes you just need to get started to nail down the direction you’d like to take your study in. That’s why we offer Internal Program Transfer. We want to ensure you graduate with a degree you’ve enjoyed and will help you reach your career goals. Many students choose a broad degree that allows them to study across a range of areas before moving into more specialised areas as you see where your interests could take you. 

Leonie UNSW Student

Leonie, a current Science student had her own experience with Internal Program Transfer.

“I actually started at UNSW studying a different degree. I ended up doing some computer science courses and found that I really enjoyed them, so I transferred into bioinformatics.” 


Countless Electives and Subjects to Choose from 

When you choose a broad degree like a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Commerce you can study across a staggering amount of subjects and electives. The more subjects you can explore, the more you can find what sparks your interest most and narrow your study from there.  

Tandia UNSW Student

Tandia shares what she’s learned since her time at high school, “I wish I knew before I started uni was that it’s way less daunting than you think it's going to be.

Once you're here at UNSW you can swap courses, mix up your degree and take subjects on those things you've always been interested in.” 


Double Degree to Diversify Your Learning 

Cheyenne UNSW Student

Cheyenne is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising) as a double degree. She explains, “I chose to study a double degree because I wanted to develop a diverse skillset that gave me a competitive edge in the workforce and challenged me to think outside the box. UNSW was the only uni that offered such a specialised degree that would allow me to pursue my specific passions.” 

A great way to mix up your degree is by choosing a double degree. It doubles your options of areas of study giving you access to an even greater range of courses, subjects and student-led projects. It’s also a great option if you’re trying to narrow down your interests OR keep your career options as broad as possible. At UNSW we believe when you double your degree you double your opportunities.  


What You Do Outside the Classroom is Equally Important 

You may not know exactly what path you want to pursue upon graduating, and that’s ok. You’ve got plenty of time. It’s important to consider what's on offer beyond the classroom, like clubs and societies to meet like-minded people or hands-on learning to give you work-ready experience.

From internships and social impact projects in vulnerable communities to student-led projects that get the attention of industry, UNSW has something to get your hands, heart and mind racing. You may not be sure the direction you want to take your life in yet, but one thing is for sure, you’ll never be short of an opportunity to discover it at UNSW. 

When it comes to not having all the answers yet, our student Anna sums it up best. “I’m not 100% sure where my Science degree will take me, or the careers I’ll pursue. However, I know these experiences combined have equipped me with self-assurance and confidence that will help me find a career I’ll love.” 

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