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Last updated: 11 February 2022

A new student wellbeing initiative gave our UNSW Clubs and Societies the chance to pitch for grants of up to $5,000. The grants were used to run programs and online events promoting connectedness, wellbeing, and community among students regardless of their location.

At UNSW we know that building connections and engaging with peers remains challenging for our offshore students. Stepping away from the books is important to ensure a well-balanced student life. We are always looking for innovative ways to enrich your student experience even if you are not physically on campus.

Our UNSW Clubs and Societies are a vital part of your student experience outside the classroom. Joining a club is a great way to make friends, get active and make the most of your time at university. Our student-led organisation ARC supports over 300 clubs and societies. Whether you have a passion for sport, cooking, game development, or creating business start-ups there is bound to be one for you.

Check out some innovative and successful ideas below.

Students welcomed back to Sydney

It's been amazing to see more and more smiling faces returning to Sydney and welcoming students back to our vibrant campuses in 2022. Vaccinated international students with eligible visas can now travel to Sydney! Our beautiful city of Sydney is welcoming and lively and our home state of New South Wales is close to 95% fully vaccinated*. Our 300+ student clubs and fantastic student organisation ARC are have big plans for 2022 and your safety and wellbeing remains our first priority.


Here are a few student ideas and how they’ve come to life

The UNSW ASEAN Society Conference, an initiative held in November 2021, brought students located around the world together to connect and celebrate culture and ideas. Students and industry partners from globally recognised organisations came together to network, share experiences and learn about future careers in Southeast Asia.

The UNSW ASEAN Society is a student community that facilitates discussions on issues occurring in the Southeast Asia region. The team hosts several virtual events for members to develop personal and professional skills and connects with industry partners in Australia and Southeast Asia.

K-Pop Soc

In collaboration with the Nippon Students Association and the Malaysian Students’ Organisation, KPOPSOC hosted a virtual Family Feud games night for over 200 combined student members. The event hosted students both in Australia and abroad who came together to make new friends and work together to compete.

The UNSW K-Pop Society (KPOPSOC) brings students together who have an interest in Korean popular culture. Incorporating Korean pop dramas, fashion, beauty and pretty much everything Korean, KPOPSOC is a place for students to talk and share common interests and hobbies.

As helping others is a great way to lift spirits, UNSW ISOC members are working together to support food events for orphans in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia. Students are also encouraged to capture and share a random act of kindness they have performed.

ISOC connect the UNSW community across the globe and spreads a message of gratitude and hope. Through competitions and a wellness lecture series the team motivates and inspires students physically, mentally, and spiritually.


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