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Engineering at UNSW is more than figuring out how things work, it’s building and designing solutions for the good of people and the environment. It’s where passion, diverse perspectives and a hands-on approach will help you create solutions for a better world.

Whether you want to create change through data, social progress, the environment or health and wellbeing, a degree in engineering will give you the skills. Our practical approach to learning means you’ll begin developing solutions to modern problems from day one.  

Discover just a few of the directions you’ll explore throughout your UNSW Bachelor of Engineering with our infographic. Which challenge inspires you the most?  

Today's Challenges              Tomorrow's Careers

Engineer looking through an instrument

How you'll engineer solutions for a better world with a degree in engineering.


UNSW’s engineering degree is internationally recognised and accredited, so you’ll have everything you need to hit the ground running when you graduate. Engineers work across almost every industry which is why we offer the largest range of engineering specialisations to choose from.  

Through Industrial Training you’ll delve deeper into your chosen specialisation by getting hands on experience in real work environments. Not sure how you’d like to tackle modern problems but know engineering is for you? Try our Flexible First Year to immerse yourself in a range of disciplines before locking in a specialisation. 

UNSW Engineering graduates are in high demand, earning some of the highest salaries in Australia and 87% of graduates finding a job within 4 months*. With UNSW now offering the world’s first Quantum Engineering degree, the question is, will you lead, or will you follow?

Bring your perspective to:

Data informs and supports many of the solutions developed for human problems. From traffic jams to weather patterns, data helps us tell the story. 

How will data shape your work as an engineer? 

Engineering builds solutions for the environment and with the environment. Study electives in Environmental Engineering, Water Engineering, Grand Challenges and Sustainability to ensure we have a positive impact on the planet.  

When you study Humanitarian Engineering, you’ll tackle human problems and construct human- orientated solutions to bring about positive change. 

Using your engineering skills you’ll address social responsibility and assist individuals and communities who are most in need.  

You’ll benefit from our industry partnerships with some of the largest employers of engineers. Combined with practical training in your degree, it’s no wonder 87% of our graduates find a job within four months of graduating*.

*QILT Survey 2019 

Do you want to help communities access to clean water? Do you want to improve the lives of people with injuries or disabilities? You can work at the epicentre of solutions to health and wellbeing with a degree in engineering. 

Do you have a problem-solving brain you’d like to apply to your own business? Maybe you’d like to learn how Science and Engineering intersect. You can double your knowledge and double your impact by choosing a double degree. 


Where can a UNSW degree in Engineering take me?  

As an accredited engineer you’ll be called upon to develop solutions to some of the trickiest problems using your unique skillset. Alongside other engineers you can shape the future of health, the environment and society. With an engineering degree, you can be more than just an engineer. You’ll develop research and enquiry skills, a problem-solving mind and the ability to think laterally. We have software developers, start-up founders and even a creative technologist who’ve completed a Bachelor of Engineering.  

Career opportunities include: 

  • Renewable Energy Project Engineer 

  • Technical Solutions Specialist 

  • Water Resources Engineer 

  • Sustainability Consultant 

  • Biomedical Device Manufacturing Engineer 

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