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Things are a little different right now. For all of us. With COVID-19 disrupting your plans, you may be questioning what to do from here. We’re here to help you adapt your plans and tackle the challenge of studying during this difficult time.

By starting online now and joining us on campus later, we’re here to make sure your education and career goals stay on track. We’ll be here waiting to show you our state-of-the-art campus when we can all be together again.

Online now, on campus later

Studying, like many skills, becomes easier the longer you do it. This means it’s important to keep the momentum going. Online study means you can draw on UNSW’s leading lecturers’ knowledge from the comfort of your home and receive unexpected benefits.

By starting online you’ll make sure that you’re keeping your study habits in shape up until you arrive on campus. You can try out a course in your chosen discipline, or dive straight into your degree online. It’s a great way to stay productive during these pretty unique times, and you’ll be ready to get right into class when face-to-face learning resumes.

Third-year student Jade shares the tools and resources she uses while learning online.

Online learning at UNSW brings the classroom experience to you, with interactive activities, real-time classes and discussion with other students and your teachers.

For first-year Bachelor of Design student Lulu Lin, the support from her teachers gave her opportunities to get a better understanding and ask questions about what she’s learning.

"I really enjoyed the online drop-in sessions, as they helped me ask questions about homework or assessments. My teachers answered all of my questions with patience, giving useful advice and feedback,” says Lulu.

We’ve invested in online software and resources that connect you with your teachers and collaborate with students all over the world. Lulu says that these tools make studying online convenient.

“Moodle [an online learning platform] is really easy to use, and there are many study resources on there,” she says.

Meanwhile, Bachelor of Commerce/Media student Sarah Anderson has found that the software available has added benefits for completing group assignments.

“I found it easier to coordinate meetings while working online as it meant we could Zoom from anywhere and didn’t need to worry about people travelling to campus,” says Sarah.

Focus on your purpose

Are you ready to use innovative technology to solve challenges, reimagine how we treat the environment or examine injustices in society? Finding your passion and pursuing it can be fulfilling and motivating in times of uncertainty.

Master of Engineering Science student Nadya Serje Ahumada has found focusing on her passion for sustainability motivates her to continue her degree.

“I want to keep studying my sustainability courses and be able to generate changes in the engineering industry,” she says.

Whatever it is that drives you, immersing yourself in a subject you’re really interested in can offer purpose and direction.

UNSW Engineering and Business student Catherine shares her online learning experience.

In the current and future employment market, there’s an increasing need for graduates who can set themselves apart.

Continuing your studies online demonstrates to employers you’re determined. Empowered by your world-class education, you’ll stand out to employers as someone dedicated to putting in the hard work when times get tough.

Modern workplaces now require strong virtual skills you’ll develop through online study. Video conferencing, presenting projects online and communicating with colleagues across continents are sought after skills. You’ll master these skills through online study and transfer these to any future workplace.

Look forward to campus life

We get it. The on-campus experience is why many students choose to study at UNSW. Meeting up with friends, learning in world-class facilities and industry-standard technical spaces are some aspects of the student experience that aren’t the same online.

However, you can still lay the groundwork for when it’s time to return to campus. You’ll already be familiar with the classroom experience and some of your degree content, and the best part is you’ll build friendships and connections before you even arrive.

“I am looking forward to getting to know my peers who I have met online,” says Bachelor of Design student Elia Kat. “It's not quite the same as face-to-face interactions but digital learning has allowed us to build friendships.”

When it’s time to return to campus, you’ll be ready to dive right in and make the most of the experience.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and we can’t wait to welcome you to campus.