What trends are showcasing the jobs of the future?

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The last few years have been a time of pivoting, restructuring priorities and shifting industries. While some sectors have struggled in the uncertainty of lockdowns, industries including healthcare and construction have shown resilience, and even growth.  

No matter how you look at it, the future is unpredictable. In response to changing times, LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report offers insight into jobs that are on the rise in 2021 and beyond. We’ve compiled the key findings of the report, as well as showcasing postgraduate degrees that will ensure you’re ready for the jobs of the future.

The Rise of the Care Economy

A more caring, empathetic world is on everybody’s mind. From sustainable growth to health and wellbeing, there is no end in sight to the growth of the Care Economy. It’s time to embrace health and wellbeing by adding an element of care to your current skills. Here are a few great examples of how caring can overtake the economy.

Transferrable Skills are In Demand

Being able to slide into a new aspect of your role with ease is paramount to success in today’s world. Understanding people will always be a strength, knowledge of the economy, design and communication is nearly always a must and knowing your way around the law could make you the stand-out star. Our master’s program portfolio offers a variety of degrees that are easily transferred to numerous industries. Here’s a few great examples.

The Acceleration of Digital Transformation and Remote Work

Here’s what happened to the way we work: In 2020, we got online because we had to; in 2021, we stayed online because we wanted to. Moving forward, remote work and the digital transformation that comes with it means we can do more from anywhere. Set yourself up for a future dictated by where you want to be (not where you need to be) by embracing all things digital. Here are some transformational options that allow you to evolve with the digital space from anywhere in the world.


Postgraduate or Master degree options open the door to a better future, allowing you to evolve with your industry and be job-ready for whatever changes come.

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